Gallery A

A magnificent opening panoramic animation shows you the convenience in everyday life brought by the applications of now ubiquitous semiconductors. Through multimedia and interactive displays and engaging experiments, you may find answers to “What is a semiconductor?", "Can light or heat change the conductivity of semiconductors?", and "What is doping?" Welcome to join us to learn how to control the conductivity of semiconductors with us.

Gallery B

The special conductive properties of semiconductor materials have inspired scientists to invent important electronic components and develop a variety of electronic products. Through the interactive experiences in this section, you get to know two major semiconductor devices: "diode" and "transistor." Finally, in An-An’s Electronic Park, you can assemble a circuit. You can learn about the functions of various electronic components, and with your completed circuit, you can activate the entertainment equipment in the electronic park.

Gallery C

Now follow Captain An-An into the Explorer! You will shrink to a few nanometers and experience a fantastic journey into the IC manufacturing process with Captain An-An. When you come to the clean room, you can imagine yourself becoming a semiconductor engineer, setting the values of various process steps, understanding how wafers are transported in an automatic factory, and sensing the precision and accuracy in the IC manufacturing process.

Gallery D

After crossing the bridge, you will travel through time and space, from the past of semiconductors to the present and the future. You will see how semiconductors have changed our daily lives. You will also see the milestones of the semiconductor industry and Taiwan’s influential role in this industry.

Gallery E

In this section, you get to create a city of the future. In the game, you get to defeat pollution monsters with energy light balls, enter four scientific stations, and create the most innovative world for the future. Scan the QR code on the wafer card with your smartphone at the exit, and you will get a video of the future world you created. We welcome you to join us in The World of Semiconductors and create your own future!

The exhibit hall of The World of Semiconductors, located on the second floor of the Science Center of the National Museum of Natural Science, features five main sections: Exploration, Application, Progress, Innovation, and Imagination. For an introduction to each section, please click on the section of the floor plan.

For an introduction to each section, please click on the section of the floor plan.